1. 07/22/01 - Like a Monkey! --- OLD STYLE

[First Comic]


I'm here! =) Well, looks like Brook and I finally got something put together. Art was drawn by Brook on paper first, then was scanned and traced in Flash 4 (I should probably go out and buy Flash 5...). This particular strip isn't really too funny, we mainly just put it up to get something up. =) Expect funnier stuff in the future. The "like a monkey" joke originated from Brook saying "makes me laugh like a monkey" very frequently. During our UT orientation, we quickly adopted the phrase and now say it to almost anything, despite how nonsensical it is. Good night. Bye bye. Like a monkey.
Oh yeah, and none of the buttons work yet... mainly because there's nothing for them to do at the moment...
Hey hey hey racefans....err..where am I? Oh well...as you can see we are now drawn and being funny. Yay. While Van was lazily sleeping we used the mist machine to make it look as if he had wet himself. Boy did it work, he now thinks that he has a night time problem...hehehe...that will teach him to sleep. See ya next time and bring the towel....cuz we are going to the beach!
This update was added on January 21st, 2002. It's here because I was bored and I had no text here yet.

This is our first venture into the world of creating comics. We spent a lot of hard time drawing the characters and the props, and very little on jokes. Fortunately, I can say that I had absolutely no hand in the creation of this particular strip, aside from giving my opinions on the art.

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