4. 01/01/02 - Little People! --- NEW STYLE

[First Comic]


Since our past comics have been largely inside jokes and the dialogue... well... pretty much stunk... this comic has no dialogue whatsoever. =)
Brook and I also decided to change styles to the "little ones" mainly because we think they look 'cute' and neat and they're easier to draw. =)

It's not supposed to make total sense... so just accept it, k?

And yes, Chad is supposed to be a hippy Raiden/Solid Snake wannabe. =)

Brook's not really naked... don't let him scare you like that... we hope to have a few bits of help from Van here every so often, but it largely depends on if he feels like emerging from his cave... his character is stuck on Brook's computer right now, so he'll be intro'ed later. =)

Uh... Happy 2002!

[Update: Yep, I added Van! =) Brook drew Van originally and he looked pretty 1337... I made a few modifications to his hair and drew him doing his flying kick. =)]
Well I am just sitting here naked and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and/or Merry Christmas. We hope you like the new stuff... and we should be making headway towards a regular gig. If you have any comments... good or bad... send them to us, we love to hear from the 3 of you. Look back here every week or so, we should be doing more.... and if there isn't anything... it is Van's fault.
I added this snippet on January 21st, 2002.

Here is our take on every comic's obligatory style change. We decided to skip the painstaking first few months of comics using our original style and just have no comics until the change. I envision a future where all webcomic artists do this, instead of annoying their audiences with a plethora of bad comics.

For our new style, we decided to go with the always lovable "little people who have superpowers and are always angry" approach. There was originally going to be dialog in this comic saying "Wouldn't it be funny if we had midget dopplegangers with superpowers who were out for our blood?" Unfortunately, Brook and Oliver created this strip, and they are not as skilled at creating witty lines as I. I must give them credit, however grudgingly, for doing pretty well with the character bios. Well, I don't own a Gamecube and have never played Pikmin, but the line is amusing.

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