9. 01/12/02 - AOE2 and Nancy

[First Comic]


I really need to get ideas as to what to write in these spaces...

For now, you'll have to make due with:

It's Saturday.
Ha...I will defeat Oliver's puny post with my many Tarkans and Knights. ATTACK! This comic is kind of funny to me today especially, because I just got trounced by the computer in AOE2 earlier. This was surprising, because I usually win... though my last game probably dulled my skills. Ya see, the last game was Mark and I against 5 opponents who were either brand new to the game, or this was their second time. It occured at a LAN party, which made victory so much more sweet, since we could laugh in the losers faces. HAHAHAHA! Obviously today is not my AOE day, maybe I will play some Wolfenstein instead, seeing as killing Nazi scum always manages to give me a smile. Well that and destroying their flags... and kittens,,, and udon. Umm, Udon. By the by, that is what I had for lunch today, mushroom udon... with a special egg that I added for egg flavor. Whoohoo. And tonight, I will be in luck again because Oliver's mom is cooking for us all. That is all I have to say, so till next time, throw rocks at Oliver!
Through the magic of television, this news post is coming to you from January 21st, 2002.

This is based on true events, but Nancy was playing a single player game at the last LAN party (she wasn't there for the start of the multiplayer one, I don't think). I went to see what she was doing, and to my surprise she had a whole bunch of wood (especially for someone who has never played before). Then I realized she had almost no other resources, and was still in the dark ages. She had 15 or so lumberjacks patiently cutting wood.

Oh yeah, the game Brook referred to only lasted like an hour. However, there was a game with Oliver, Brook, and Van against me (well, Grant was on my team, but he barely made it out of the Dark Ages) that lasted 5 hours, and they only ended up winning because their trading let them build a wonder.

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