10. 01/13/02 - ZZZzzzzzz

[First Comic]


Well, here's another comic... I'm not super happy with the way it turned out and it seems to be lacking to me... oh well, we'll do better later. =)

I just programmed a new frontend/backend for us to update easier and to handle the archiving and whatever... no "First" button yet, but blah, there's a pull down menu there for you to go the first one... I think that's good enough. =P

Now I just have to teach all the other grunts around here how to use my script(s) and we should be all set...

Also, now that we have a decent server, we should be putting up a forum and those other links up top sooner than later...

Mark - I wasn't deleting comments of yours.. what are you talking about? =) Only thing is... people can overwrite each other's stuff easily if they're both editting at the same time.... hmm... gonna have to fix that.

Ah, I say we just leave this stuff up... who cares? =) Don't try too hard to break the script, I'm sure it's possible... but don't go out of the ordinary to try to kill it.. heh... Classes... =( we'll see how that goes...
Well, I guess that I am the first "grunt" to find out how to use the magical php script thingy. Whoohoo. I watched Oliver do some of the programming, and boy am I baffled. I am truly glad that Oliver has learned the amazingness of programming, cuz I don't have to. I have spent my day today at UT, and now I am hungry and tired. So before I start knawing on the keyboard, I must eat foooood. Till next time. Ya know... after reading Mark's post, I realize yet again how un-techsavvy I am. And if that isn't how you spell savvy... then screw you. Online pictionary is funny to watch, but I am still hungry. Class is not fun with a cold and a runny nose. I hope that Oliver and the guys at college have made it to theirs, cuz I know I made it to mine... ARG... And then of course there is Mark, who doesn't really go anywhere.
Well, I hope Oliver got all the necessary info contained in the previous version of my post, because I just deleted it (just noticed the appended text to his post, and he did not follow the instructions I left for him. Bad Oliver!).

I was planning on writing a grand essay for the news post today when I realized our audience is so small at the moment that the majority of its contents would be of little worth to said persons [Edit: In retrospect, this post is quite grand in comparison to its peers, but only about half as long as intended. Take that as a sign of things to come from me]. That being said, I will leave you good people with the oh so exciting tidbits about my love [Edit: I meant to type "life" here, but "love" ended up fitting the subject of the two following paragraphs, so I left it] at the moment which are often contained in columns written by authors of webcomics - though I don't so much consider myself an author of the webcomic considering I've yet to offer forth a script idea we've gotten around to using.

First thing is first: I am enamored with Dragon Warrior VII. If any of you readers out there consider yourselves fans (or even passing acquaintances!) of the console role-playing game genre, I strongly suggest you go purchase this title post haste. Some may say it is a good deal tedious, considering most games of its sort allow you to easily master every class/spell/ability/what have you in 60 hours of gameplay, whereas Dragon Warrior VII takes 100 hours to finish with meager dabbling in the class system. Perfectionists like myself will be disappointed that it is not reasonably possible to master all 54 classes, but that is perhaps the games only true fault. It has a plot that is terribly rewarding for the hardcore and casual gamer alike, and has some quite loveable characters for those who take the time to get acquainted with them. The greatest part of the game, in my opinion, is the ability to talk to your party members at virtually any time to get their opinion. Those who aren't as into chracterizations as I should get a kick out of the sheer variety of the quests involved. Collector types should enjoy trying to tame each type of monster for the monster park, and sim players will love hand-picking immigrants to go to the town you're starting. The game can be either incredibly simple or mind-blowingly complex depending on how you play through it. There are a few minor flaws, such as a few translations bumbles (with such a sheer mass of text to translate, I can hardly hold them at fault for long). The (extremely rare) 3D FMVs don't really fit the delightfully old-school feel of the rest of the game, and animated versions (they could have elicited Akira Toriyama's services for that while they had him for monster design) would have been much better suited. The music, while not quite achieving the mastery of Nobuo Uematsu's work, fits the feel of the game perfectly. I cannot thank Enix enough for deciding to bring this masterpiece Stateside, for I most likely would have overlooked it otherwise.

Another thing I love is public television. Yesterday "American Experience" delivered a great piece on Woodrow Wilson's life and work. Tonight was the first half of the excellent Mark Twain documentary. My only real regret is that, in the absence of commercials, there is no opportunity to grab a beverage or relieve oneself without missing vital or intriguing information.

Oliver, the comment that I assumed you deleted (since it questioned your manhood) suggested that you remove the meta tag indicating that Frontpage was used to create the site.

It has come to my attention through the creation of this post that it is terribly difficut to properly edit a document created in the tiny boxes Oliver has provided. As such, I apologize for any errors contained herein and will utilize notepad to write these posts in the future.

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