12. 01/15/02 - Ol' Lardy

[First Comic]


At this point in time, I would like to list a majority of the items in my dorm room:

o Minnie Mouse bed covers
o Pillow with Pokemon pillow case
o Pillow with Blue's Clues pillow case
o Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sleeping bag
o A big monkey sleeping bag and monkey-head carrying backpack
o Goldberg poster
o Tomb Raider poster
o Stomping Grounds poster
o Brook
o Andrew

I'm going to refuse to play more Return to Castle Wolfenstein for fear of being slaughtered countless times by the insane zombies.

Well, here is another comic... starring Matt. Like many other characters... he was drawn a few weeks ago, and then put on the backburner until we could introduce him with suitable pizzaz and flair... Or at least a can of lard and a freaky photo op.

If you are reading this comic... we are number 142 on the Funny Papers thingy... whoohoo... click on the link below to make us #1. We must beat that Elf Life thingy.

Heh... Europeans are funny... head over to this comic for a good ol' hearty Euro laugh. They also have little guys as characters... but no color. And our ninjas are cuter...

Having just talked to Mark, I am afraid once again for the well being of our reclusive friend. He just informed me that he is passing his 100th hour of playtime in that Dragon Warrior game thingy... I am not sure how cool it is, but just from talking to him, I almost want to go buy it and sever all relationships with friends until it is beaten. Oh, and FFX looks cool too.

As I am writing this, I hear the blings of AIM; signalling certain doom for Van's schedule, as each message to us leads him further down the spiral to Poo 101.
Let this be a lesson to everyone reading this, don't mess with your schedule. And don't wear your underwear on your head.

Poor Mark and his rebellious use of Netscape... I never have understood his hate of IE... though not liking Microsoft in general does make sense to me... Hopefully, Mark will do his post soon, so we can all be enlightened.

I will leave you with a quote from a better man than I...

"Aye... the Hotpants..."
Contrary to Brook's post, Matt was introduced (though not given a name) in this comic.

Since this is being added after a new comic has gone up, I'll just leave this post as is until Oliver stops loving his mother´┐Ż or something.
Look at me... I am wearing my underwear on top of my head. And I am still the biggest idiot ever.

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