11. 01/14/02 - Pink Fate

[First Comic]


First day at UT doesn't seem too bad... well, my M340L class seems a bit dull, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be too hard... I hope...

Andrew and I shall finish EE316 in 10 weeks! We shall!!! Alright, only UT people would get that...

I found a note in one of my text books. Here it is:
Hey babe,
I just wanted to say that you are a sweetheart and that I hope you have a great day!!


Well, it was a nice note and although I know no Tina, I'm going to assume it was given to me because it makes me happy.

It's on my dorm wall now. =)

Here's the banner I made, if anyone wants to use it to link to us... go for it.

Our Banner!

Oh... button too...

Our Button!

[Update] Ah... there we go, now all you crazy Netscape users can enjoy the Archives pull down menu. Why don't you people just go get IE or Mozilla, both are much better than Netscape now... =)
And also, my comment about the updater was mainly due to me adding some javascript to the edit form and me not wanting to test it in multiple browsers... just wanted to let you guys know that I only tested it in IE, so if something doesn't work... use IE, if it still doesn't... then ask me. =) Although, I think everything should work fine in the most recent versions of NS, IE, and Mozilla now.

And yes, for those who haven't... read Mark's last post, just to reiterate again. =)
Clap your hands if you read Mark's previous post. I know I did. The funny thing is, I want to be a writer, and he wants to program... go figure... I guess the only feasible answer to this vexing situation is... I am very lazy.

Well, today has been a good day. Not too much work in school, 'cept for a test in AP Psych... which I fell asleep during. I got to spend some more time with Megan though... and that makes "A" days all the better.

Unlike Mark, I don't watch public access television, but I have been watching Euro Football. The English Premier League seems pretty cool to me, while the French game that I saw seemed sort of cruddy. Poor Lille...

Today I am very pleased to say that I don't have to go to Musical practice... yay... You really can't beat a day to rest. Music is a very big part of my life and I try to listen to it almost all the time. That said, there are many cool artists out there that you should go listen to right now. A few personal favourites right now consist of Death Cab For Cutie , The Beatles, and Elliot Smith, though yesterday I popped in a Daft Punk CD... yay dancing. Crazy robots and funky beats are just enough to get me groovin' That is, if I could groove.

Which brings me to my next point, Dance Dance Revolution. If you are afraid, then you are on the right track. Though I can't deny that I have succumbed to the dancing madness, I must warn others away... well... maybe try it just once. After that, sit back and laugh at the pale-faced sweaty computer boys that make their trip to the mecca of beat-madness. The best thing about watching others make fools of themselves is, it is FREE. Well that and you avoid smelling like a PRO... or just a out-of-shape loser. Caution though, make sure that if you step foot on the machine you have a clear cut purpose. Don't get caught up in the groove... stay away from change machines... and if someone laughs at YOU... kick them in the head.

Well, that is just about it for my comment today... How did I get off on that tangent. Oh well. Enjoy the comic and remember the old saying, "We didn't come first, but we came packin'." Which consequently reminds me of another quote...

"We didn't start the fire..."
Since Oliver's a punk who puts up a new comic only a couple hours after I write my long news post, I ask that all you people out there go back and read it. If you don't, just remember that I know where you live and I don't know the difference between right and wrong.

And Oliver, the updater works fine in Netscape, it's the drop down menu on the main page that has all the comics that is busted. It's just a text list for me.
I'm the biggest idiot ever...

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